JICA and Nagasaki University to Co-Host the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research 2024 (HSR2024)


JICA and Nagasaki University were chosen to serve as co-hosts of the 8th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research 2024 (HSR2024), an influential international symposium in the area of global health, which is scheduled to be held in Nagasaki City in November 2024.

HSR is a worldwide symposium organized every two years by Health Systems Global (HSG), a global organization of researchers on health policy and health systems. Each time, the symposium brings together more than 2,000 participants from universities, researchers, governments, international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and foundations from around the world to discuss health systems and policies from a variety of perspectives.

JICA’s participation as the co-host of HSR2024 will provide an opportunity for JICA to communicate its contributions to global health, and furthermore, to demonstrate Japan’s leadership in the field of global health to the world.

JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development intends to engage in setting up the program content for HSR2024. We will keep you updated on future developments leading up to the event.

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