Harnessing the Data Revolution to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: Enabling Frogs to Leap

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) has developed rapidly, and the volume and types of data have been increasing. This transformation is called the "Data Revolution." It leads governments, companies, researchers and citizens to take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a variety of ways.

How can developing countries, which face numerous challenges, benefit from the Data Revolution?

This report takes a look at "Leapfrog" data technologies. It may not be necessary for developing countries to follow the progression of development laid out by OECD countries if they successfully deploy “Leapfrog” data technologies that push them forward several steps on the development continuum by the Data Revolution. Referring to the case studies from Laos and Myanmar, the report explores the challenges and opportunities that these countries encounter in the process of harnessing the Data Revolution.

In order for developing countries to benefit from Leapfrog data technologies, both the technical ability to collect, analyze and utilize accurate data—however small or large—and also political will and a fundamental environment for its implementation are needed. The report also delves into the critical role of the international community in supporting the development agenda of these countries.

Joint Research Project
Erol Yayboke, Erin Nealer, Charles Rice
Date of issuance
September 2017
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78 page
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