Background Papers of the Research Project 'Japan’s Development Cooperation: A Historical Perspective'

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JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development (JICA Ogata Research Institute) research project "Japan’s Development Cooperation: A Historical Perspective" aims to objectively and empirically analyze the 60-year history of Japan's development cooperation from a variety of angles. The research results will be compiled into seven (Japanese-language) books.

These background papers have been produced to provide useful knowledge, materials and information for this research project, mostly in Japanese, but some in English. The papers can be accessed from the links below. 

JICA Ogata Research Institute will update this page when more English papers are available.

Detailed description of each background paper

Hiroaki Suzuki, Go Shimada, Yukimasa Fukuda, Matsuo Watanabe, Akihisa Mori, Toru Yanagihara, Yuichi Sasaoka, Takatoshi Oyama, Yu Oliver Maemura, Aaron Stephen Moore
Date of issuance
November 2018
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Research area
Development Cooperation Strategies
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