Background papers for the 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report

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The following are papers commissioned by the Global Education Monitoring Report as background information to assist in the drafting of the 2019 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on migration, displacement, and education titled “Building bridges, not walls.”

The paper “Internationalization of Higher Education and Student Mobility in Japan and Asia” was co-authored by Kazuo Kuroda, JICA Research Institute visiting fellow and Waseda University professor; Miki Sugimura, JICA Research Institute visiting fellow and Sophia University professor; Yuto Kitamura, University of Tokyo associate professor; and Sarah Asada, Kyoritsu Women's University assistant professor.

“Challenges for Immigrants in Formal and Informal Education Settings in Japan” was written by Hideki Maruyama, Sophia University associate professor.

The paper “Higher Education Possibilities for and Constraints on International Students in Japan” was authored by Rie Mori, professor at the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education.

“Education for Displaced Populations in Karen State, Myanmar” was written by Mariko Shiohata of Save the Children Japan.

“Possibilities and Constraints of Immigrant Students in the Japanese Educational System” was authored by Tomoko Tokunaga, Gunma Prefectural Women’s University lecturer.

KURODA Kazuo, SUGIMURA Miki, KITAMURA Yuto, Sarah Asada, Hideki Maruyama, Rie Mori, Mariko Shiohata, Tomoko Tokunaga
Date of issuance
November 2018
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