Seven Steps to Examine Urban Transport Finance with Spillover Effects from the Master Plan Stage

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This policy brief was published by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) in June, 2022. Key points of the paper are listed below.

Key Points
•Due to rapid urbanization and chronic traffic congestion, urban transport, such as railways, is key for urban development in Asian countries. International development institutions support urban transport development from the master plan stage.
•However, an enormous amount of funds is required for the construction and operation of urban transport. Effective finance measures for the priority projects proposed in the master plan are a challenge. Furthermore, these finance measures should be examined from the master plan stage.
•Finance with spillover effects is one option to boost the financial sustainability of urban transport in Asian developing countries.
•Although the master plan formulation by international development institutions in cooperation with recipient governments is generally carried out by consultants, the standard workflows in the master plan have not yet been clarified.
•This policy brief proposes seven concrete steps to examine the financial scheme with spillover effects at the urban transport master plan to promote the practical application of the financial method.

This paper can be downloaded via the website of ADBI below.

Suzuki Tomoyoshi, Kawahashi Takehiro, Tanaka Keisuke, Fujita Yuki, Yoshioka Kazuki, KE Seetha Ram, Yoshino Naoyuki, Tifani Husna Siregar
Date of issuance
June 2022
Asian Development Bank Institute
Number of pages
9 page
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