The Role of Development Models in Japan’s and Korea’s Relations With Central Asia: Discourses and Practices

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This article examines the policies of development cooperation promoted by Japan and Korea in Central Asia, focussing on the roles of discourses treating Japan and Korea as potential non-Western models for the region’s development and modernisation in their relations with Central Asian states. The authors trace the evolution of relevant developmental approaches made by Japan and Korea, analysing discourses and practices of sharing experiences, as well as the key drivers behind those shifts, and the authors seek to locate these changes in the larger context of regional political economy and international relations. Furthermore, the article seeks to address the ideational and normative aspects of Japanese and Korean development cooperation in Central Asia. The authors conclude with a recap comparison of Japan’s and Korea’s sharing of development experiences.

This paper was published in the Journal of Eurasian Studies in August, 2022.

Nikolay MURASHKIN, Eriks Varpahovskis
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August 2022
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20 page
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Development Cooperation Strategies