Critical Roles of Refugee Leaders and Service Providers in the Gender-based Violence (GBV) Help-Seeking of Refugee Survivors

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Gender-based violence (GBV) is a complicated challenge embedded in displaced people’s lived experiences throughout the conflict displacement cycle. Despite the awareness of existing institutionalised help-seeking referral pathways, these do not necessarily translate to the full utilisation of such services. This paper examines the critical role of refugee leaders and service providers in potentially enabling and realising a GBV survivor’s help-seeking. By adapting a meso-level analysis, it attempts to explain how social networks built within conflict and displacement contribute to responding to GBV. Based on the review of collected interviews in 2019 from refugee leaders and service providers working with South Sudanese refugees in selected settlements in Uganda, the paper reflects on the importance of network, norms and trust in effectively responding to GBV in conditions of conflict-affected displacement.

The author assisted in the related JICA Research Project, which is the basis of this article. This paper is published in the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs and can be accessed from the link below.

Lisette R. ROBLES
Date of issuance
December 2022
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10 page
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Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Support
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