No.2 Toward a Strategic Partnership between “Emerging” and “Traditional” Donors

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The relationship between traditional and emerging donors can and should be a win-win-win relationship where both donors as well as recipients can benefit, instead of a zero sum relationship where both camps compete over strategic gains and prospective aid projects. Both emerging and traditional donors have comparative advantages, and each donors of each camps can play an appropriate role to promote the development of recipient countries by establishing a strategic partnership. For such a partnership to be established, it is recommended that precise understanding of the strength and weakness of emerging donors should be reached, by departing from preoccupation, and by taking into consideration of the viewpoints of recipient countries which had been largely neglected in conventional studies. Traditional donors should help emerging donors adopt common norms and rules which are internationally recognized as minimum standard. Also, traditional donors should facilitate the in depth studies of emerging donors’ various development experiences relevant to developing countries, and the institutionalization of the aid systems of emerging donors.

JICA Research Institute
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September 2018
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Development Cooperation Strategies
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