Research Project (Ongoing)

Empirical research on the social and economic impacts of infrastructure projects

This research aims to develop and disseminate evidence on the impact of JICA-supported infrastructure projects.

In the context of impact evaluation research, there is room for further academic contribution since there is relatively little evidence on infrastructure projects in general. Upon the completion of construction and the start of operations for JICA-funded large-scale infrastructure projects, we conduct rigorous assessments of their development impact and try to improve our practical knowledge for quality infrastructure investment. In addition, the research also intends to contribute to the development of analytical methods using not only standard household survey data but also new data sources such as real estate data and satellite data, given the need to be cautious in acquiring primary data for the time being due to the impact of COVID-19.

Research area
Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
Research period
2022.01.28 ~ 2025.03.31
HARADA Tetsuya
Researchers belonging to JICA Ogata Research Institute
Suzuki Tomoyoshi、 Shimizutani Satoshi、 YAMADA EijiNAKAJIMA Kentaro ISHIZUKA Fumiaki
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