Past Research Projects

Joint Research for Global Emerging Markets Forum 2015 (EMF)

The emerging markets’ rapid rise in the global economy is somehow inevitable, the traditional boundaries between developed and developing countries will continue to be blurred. while the prerequisites and strategies for the emerging economies to continue rapid development and permit the majority of the countries to avoid the middle-income trap would be similar, the specifics would vary significantly between countries. In 2005, the Emerging Markets Forum was created as a not-for-profit initiative in Centennial Group Holdings. EMF is carrying out a study on the long-term development and social prospects of major regions (Asia, Latin America, Africa) and countries (India, Mexico, and Kazakhstan) and launced in internatioinal conferences. However, there is presently no single in-depth study covering developing countries as a whole without any ideological or institutional bias. So, a number of sponsors of EMF have suggested that the time has come to carry out an even more challenging study covering all emerging market economies, within a framework that covers the entire global economy.The study would offer the sugestions for the policy of emerging economies and the world economy through 2050.

Joint Research
Research period
2015.05.28 ~ 2016.01.31
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