Past Research Projects

Land and Property Problems in Post-conflict State-building and Economic Development

This research focuses on land and property disputes in countries that have undergone strife, shedding light on current conditions and the response of the government in charge and international society. In addition, the problem is assessed based on the belief that their resolution is essential in the peace process of nation-building and economic development. The ultimate goal of this research was to identify the conditions for establishing “proactive peace," achieved in part by comparing case studies of countries such as Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina and East Timor that have been torn by severe disputes in recent years. This research is intended to make a theoretical contribution by classifying nation-building and economic development after disputes based on their characteristics, as well as to achieve a consensus on measures to resolve the land and property disputes so common after conflicts and the response of donors.

Research area
Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Support
Research period
2011.07.01 ~ 2013.06.30

Research results (publications)