Activities in Dominican Republic

(*TCP: Technical Cooperation Project, LA: ODA Loan, GA: Grant Aid, DS: Development Study, EXP: Expert)

Technical Cooperation Projects

Mitigation of Socio-Economic Disparities

Social and Territorial Development

In order to reduce disparities, it is intended to support the capacity development of public institutions to assure the budget, plan and implementation of social programs based on territorial and sectorial needs. It is expected that these actions encourage the expansion of the service coverage provided to the population, and furthermore to promote a development based on the local needs, initiative and participation.

Sustainable Economic Development

Competitiveness Improvement

For the purpose of strengthening the competitiveness of the private sector, assistance is provided in the training of human resources and to the competent institutions. In particular, emphasis is placed on assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which is precisely one of the priorities of the current Dominican administration, as well as aid to the tourism sector, which is the country's main industry.

Environment Protection and Climate Change Mitigation

Support is provided to mitigate the degradation of the environment and habitat, as well as to respond to the effects of climate change, which are the main obstacles to achieving sustainable economic development.

Triangular Cooperation Projects

With this type of technical cooperation, JICA Dominican Republic collaborates with institutions in other countries to offer assistance and solve the problems of a recipient country.

JICA, together with the Dominican Republic, has cooperated with the Republic of Haiti carrying out projects in the field of agriculture.

  • (TCP) Project on Capacity Development of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians in Mountainous Areas in the Republic of Haiti (PROAMOH 2)

The Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP)

Volunteer Program

Japanese Immigrant support program

Dominican Association of Ex-Participants of Japan (ADEJA)

Past Projects

Map of JICA Major Projects in Dominican Republic