Nicaragua, the "land of lakes and volcanoes", cheerful and hardworking people, with a mostly young population estimated at 6.46 million inhabitants (2019: World Bank), occupies the largest territorial extension in Central America and the Caribbean with 130,373 km2. However, it is the second poorest country in the Americas in terms of GDP per capita with US$ 1,904.3 (2019: IMF).

Nicaragua has suffered during its history several events that have impacted its efforts to reach its development such as earthquakes, hurricanes, civil wars, and recently since April 2018 there have been socio-political disturbances that have affected Nicaraguan life and economic activity, producing an increase in unemployment.

JICA has been collaborating with the socioeconomic development of Nicaragua since the first dispatch of Japanese volunteers in 1991, signing in 2001 the Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Governments of Japan and Nicaragua, which expanded the types of assistance, having now the modalities of Technical Cooperation (including dispatch of experts, elaboration of development plans, training courses in Japan and third countries through the Knowledge Co-Creation Program KCCP), Grant Aid (in the form of equipment or infrastructure donations), Japanese Volunteers Program, and ODA Loans.

With the objective of reducing poverty and social disparities through stable economic growth, JICA has defined 4 principal lines for its cooperation strategy in Nicaragua, which are:

1. Urban Development Program of the Metropolitan Area of Managua
2. Local Capacity Building Program
3. Social Services Strengthening Program.
4. Environmental Conservation and Disaster Risk Reduction Program.

Taking JICA's global vision of "Leading the world with trust" as a reference, our work in Nicaragua places people and their aspirations at the center of cooperation as final beneficiaries by a "people-to-people" approach, and we are committed to continue strengthening the bonds of trust and brotherhood that we have established over the years with the people of Nicaragua.