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Senior Research FellowFull-time

Educational Background

Ph.D. in International Development, Nagoya University
M.A. in Inter-disciplinary Social Studies, University of Tokyo
B.A., Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Career Background

Major assignments since joining JICA in 1989 include: Senior Advisor on Development Policy for Africa (2007-2008), Chief Representative of JICA South Sudan Office (2011-2014), Executive Senior Research Fellow at JICA Research Institute (2008-2011, 2014-2016), Senior Director of Peacebuilding and Reconstruction Office (2014-2017), Chief Advisor of a JICA Cooperation Project in Northern Uganda (2017-2019), Senior Advisor on Peacebuilding (2019-2020), Research Fellow at JICA Ogata Research Institute (2020-2021), and Senior Research Fellow at JICA Ogata Research Institute (2021-Present)

Major Publications

-     Hanatani, A., Oscar A. Gomez, and Chigumi Kawaguchi, eds. “Crisis Management Beyond the Humanitarian-Development Nexus”, Routledge, 2018.
-     Watanabe, M. and Hanatani, A, “Issues in Africa’s Industrial Policy Process” in Good Growth and Governance in Africa: Rethinking Development Strategies. Kwesi Botchway, Akbar Norman, Howard Stein, and Joseph E. Stiglitz eds. Oxford University Press. 2011.
-     Hanatani A. and Kana Fuse. ”Linking resource users' perceptions and collective action in commons management – an examination of water supply systems in Southern Senegal”. Water Policy Vol. 14 No 1, pp. 127–147. 2012.
-     Hanatani A. ”Exploring User Incentive Mechanisms for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management – An Institutional Analysis of Rural Water Supply Systems in Senegal”, Forum of International Development Studies. 47-2. 2016.
-     Hanatani A.Exploring the Causal Mechanism of Collective Action for Sustainable Resource Management — A Comparative Analysis of Rural Water Supply Systems in Senegal —”. JICA-RI Working Paper No.23, 2010.
-     Hanatani A. and Kana Fuse.Linking Resource Users' Perceptions and Collective Action in Commons Management—An Examination of Water Supply System in Southern Senegal—”. JICA-RI Working Paper No.24, 2010.
-     Hanatani A. and Mine Sato.Assessing Effectiveness and Sustainability of Community-managed Informal Irrigation in Africa —A Comparative Institutional Analysis of "Temporary" Irrigation in Malawi—”. JICA-RI Working Paper No.34, 2011.


Japan Association for African Studies, Japan Society for International Development


Taught at various universities including; Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Kobe University, Kanto-Gakuin University. Currently teaching as Visiting Lecturer at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Chuo University.

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