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Bridging Research and Practice: Applications of a Study in Climate Change

September 29, 2010

A city case study of Metro Manila on the potential flood damages due to climate change by the year 2050 and associated cost estimates has been completed recently and published by JICA-RI. JICA-RI Research Fellow Megumi Muto conducted the study in collaboration with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as part of a wider project spanning several Asian coastal cities.

Muto_RF_at_seminar.jpgApplication of the research methodology, which includes city-level analyses, estimates and policy recommendations, is already underway. Not only will the research benefit Metro Manila urban planners and JICA operations in the Philippines for whom the report was intended, it will also aid policymakers, development agencies and planners in coastal urban areas worldwide. Muto has already begun disseminating the instrumentality of the research to a variety of audiences.

On August 24, Muto demonstrated the value of her research methodology for capacity building at the "Cities at Risk" workshop in Bangkok, which focused on climate change vulnerability assessment and urban development planning for Asian coastal cities. She exhibited how to extract socioeconomic estimates from Geographic Information Systems data and flood maps. Providing the policymaking and academic community with such methodology will allow for improvements in respective capacity building programs and will help academia transform research into practice through dialogue with their respective governments.

climate_change_seminar_at_JICA.JPGMuto also met with officials of ADB in Manila on August 26 to discuss knowledge activities in climate change. Here, too, she presented the Manila study, particularly the more specific city level climate change ramifications in health, urban poverty and impacts to firms, to facilitate joint JICA-ADB analytical work in these areas.

At a JICA-RI seminar at JICA headquarters on September 17, Muto presented the research to officials directly involved in projects related to climate change, capacity building and related policy, and fielded questions on the how her study can assist in these areas. Muto stated that, although this joint study is aimed mainly at Asia, the methodologies can be applied to other regions like Africa. Muto will also present her work at the World Bank's Eco2 conference in Yokohama in mid-October.

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DaySeptember 17, 2010(Fri)
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