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September 13, 2021
Publication of Working Paper No.222 'Strengthening Teacher Support for Students to Improve Math Learning: Empirical Evidence on A Structured Pedagogy Program in El Salvador'
September 1, 2021
'Protecting Forests: Are Early Warning Systems Effective?' A Blog on Brookings's Website
August 31, 2021
Publication of Policy Note No. 8 'Interest Rate Cap Policy in Cambodia — Summary of Findings from a Survey and the Policy Implications'
August 30, 2021
Publication of Working Paper No. 221 'Investments in Flood Protection: Trends in Flood Damage and Protection in Growing Asian Economies'
August 27, 2021
Making Pandemic Preparedness an International Security Priority and Establishing a New System for the International Community: Discussion Held at Knowledge Forum
August 17, 2021
Baseline Survey Report 'Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion of Mongolian Migrants in Japan and their Families in Mongolia' Is Published
August 17, 2021
Field Report No. 5 'Practical Approaches to Build Back Better with Inclusive Recovery from Earthquake Disasters: Discussion Based on the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Recovery Project by JICA,' Published
August 6, 2021
Takahara and Ohno Participate in Online Symposium on ‘Japan-Australia Cooperation in a COVID World’
August 2, 2021
Paper 'Reflecting on Climate-Induced Migration as a Human Security Issue: An Internally-Displaced-Person-Centered Approach to Understanding Displacement,' Published
July 31, 2021
Ohno and Project Members Discuss Industrial Human Resource Development at the 22nd JASID Spring Conference
July 28, 2021
Published: Reconsidering the History of Japan's Development Cooperation Series, Volume 7 'The Making of Development Cooperation: Ecological History of Dependency and Self-Reliance'
July 7, 2021
Published: Reconsidering the History of Japan's Development Cooperation Series, Volume 5 'Japan's Cooperation to Infrastructure Development: Its History, Philosophy, and Contribution'
July 5, 2021
Deputy Director Makino Gives a Presentation on Human Security 2.0 at a Symposium Hosted by UNDP
June 30, 2021
Publication of policy note No.7 “Understanding the Progress of Bangladesh”
June 23, 2021
The 7th Knowledge Forum: Making Issues Visible Through Human Security Indicators, to Create a World Where Every Person Has Dignity
June 22, 2021
'Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) to the Philippines,' Background Paper No. 12 of the Research Project 'Japan’s Development Cooperation: A Historical Perspective,' Is Published
June 14, 2021
Non-Formal Education for Enhancing Capabilities; Seminar Held to Commemorate the Publication of Project History
June 11, 2021
Published: 'Protecting Our Human World Order: A Human Security Compass for a New Sustainability Decade,' 2020 Human Development Report Background Paper
May 26, 2021
Book Launch: Industrial Human Resource Development in Developing Countries in the New Era
May 25, 2021
New Paper Release: 'Effectiveness of Investing in Flood Protection in Metropolitan Areas: Lessons From 2019 Typhoon Hagibis in Japan'

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