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January 24, 2023
The Relationship Dynamics Between China and the Smaller States: Field Study in Bangladesh
January 23, 2023
The Inaugural Issue of JICA Ogata Research Institute’s Report Series “Human Security Today” Was Discussed at JAHSS Conference
January 20, 2023
Webinar Features the Evolving Concept of Human Security Based on JICA Ogata Research Institute's Key Report 'Human Security Today'
January 16, 2023
‘Madam, This is Our Metro!—India and Japan Committed to a Better World & Future’: The First Cartoon of Project History Series Published
January 6, 2023
What Factors Prevented the Spread of COVID-19 and How COVID-19 Impact Victims of Violence: Research Results Presented at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Public Health
December 21, 2022
“Empowerment Through Agency Enhancement: An Interdisciplinary Exploration” Book Wins the 2022 Committee Special Award from the JASID Award Selection Committee
December 16, 2022
JICA and Nagasaki University to Co-Host the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research 2024 (HSR2024)
December 12, 2022
Round-Table Workshop Held on ‘The New Dynamics of Peace and Development in the Indo-Pacific: How Countries in the Region Proactively Interact with China’
December 9, 2022
Empowerment During the COVID-19 Pandemic Discussed at the 2022 Annual Conference of the Japan Association for Human Security Studies
December 7, 2022
TICAD8 Side Event Examines Human Security in Africa
December 1, 2022
Assessment of the Climate Change Adaptation Benefits of an Irrigation Project Presented at COP27
November 29, 2022
TICAD8 Side Event Looks at Ways to Transform and Build Resilient Economies in Africa Following the COVID-19 Pandemic
November 28, 2022
The ‘School for All’ JICA Project in Madagascar Featured in the Financial Times: Senior Research Fellow Maruyama Takao Contributes to the Project Through His Research
November 24, 2022
'Why Do We Need to Invest in Quality Infrastructure?' A Blog on OECD's Website
November 21, 2022
Video for the First Issue of the JICA Ogata Research Institute Report ‘Human Security Today’ Is Now Available
November 17, 2022
Executive Director Takahara Gives a Special Lecture on Japan–China Relations at Dhaka University
November 14, 2022
Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz Speaks at Knowledge Forum on Global Economy in Multiple Crises
November 4, 2022
Project History Book Launch: Considering the Young Generation in Nikkei Communities in Paraguay and the Country’s Development
October 31, 2022
TICAD8 Side Event Explores Evidence-Based Policy Making to Address the Development Challenge in Africa
October 24, 2022
Launching Research Papers and Discussion Papers as New Media for Disseminating Research Results

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