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CD Workshop in Paris: Proposing CD Practices in Line with Public Service

December 9, 2010

On November 29-30, 2010, JICA-RI Research Associate Shunichiro Honda attended a workshop titled “CD in Aid Business Processes: Getting it Right!” organized by the OECD/DAC in Paris.

To address the issue of integrating CD into aid practices, the workshop was divided into four parallel sessions with the themes of "CD in sectors," "CD in Fragile Situations," "Ownership and Support of CD in Practice," and "Results-driven CD." Some 60 attendees gathered at the workshop, including aid practitioners, researchers, consultants, and NGO officials.

Honda attended the first and third sessions on sectors and ownership. "International discussions on CD in recent years have centered on efforts by the central governments of recipient countries," he notes, "but there hasn’t been enough light shed on the role of CD in rural regions." He also pointed out that considering CD in line with public service is crucial when examining the future role of CD. His arguments were met with approval from the audience.

Issues addressed in the workshop included the negative effects of the still-large number of donor-led aid projects, and how to maximize ownership of recipient countries when promoting efforts in line with CD. The attendees also agreed that that the more a recipient country relies on aid, or is in a fragile state, the more it requires ownership and a CD-based aid approach.

Some also suggested publicizing CD success stories, noting that aid organization leaders and citizens of donor countries should have a better understanding of the importance of CD.

These messages are expected to be reflected in upcoming events, starting with the CD workshop planned for March 2011 in Cairo, Egypt, and ultimately at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in late November 2011 in Busan, Korea.

DayNovember 29, 2010(Mon) - November 30, 2010(Tue)
PlaceOECD Headquarter, France
OrganizerOECD DAC

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