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JICA-RI Deputy Director Contributes Paper on China's Foreign Aid to Asian Economic Policy Review

August 18, 2014

JICA-RI Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano has contributed a paper entitled “China’s Foreign Aid at a Transitional Stage” to Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR). AEPR is a journal published by the Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER), an independent research institution specialized in economy, finance and industry. The paper was appeared in Volume 9, Issue 2, which featured “China’s Interaction Impact on the Rest of the World.”


The paper overviews the trends, aid policies, and implementation structure of China’s foreign aid, highlighting the challenges that China has faced in increasing its volume of aid.  It also discusses China’s recent efforts to acquire knowhow and knowledge in development assistance through interaction with donors including OECD member countries and multilateral institutions, with the expectation that China will play a major role in international development.


The link to the journal


The link to the related JICA-RI working paper No.78 “Estimating China's Foreign Aid 2001-2013”


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