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JICA-RI Joined the Discussion Forum on G20 Held in Shanghai, China

September 28, 2012

The Korean Development Institute (KDI) invited JICA-RI Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano and Research Associate (RA) Takaaki Kobayashi to an international workshop titled “Shifting Coalitions and Potential Blocs for Asian and Pacific Leadership in the G20.”  The workshop (see Note), hosted by the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), was held from September 13 to 15. About 50 Researchers and practitioners who have engaged in G20 discussed issues such as the contribution of Asia Pacific nations.


With a theme of “Japan-ROK-China Cooperation and TPP: Regional and Global Impacts,” in the second session of the first day, Kobayashi made a presentation on the significance and possiblity of Japan-ROK-China cooperation in light of development. He, using Cambodia cases, introduced “Asian development cooperation model,” which stresses the importance of infrastructure. He also pointed out that the future cooperation among the three countries plays a role in filling the shortage of fund for infrastructure which other donor countries can’t offer.
Referring to the possibility of the tripartite cooperation, Kobayashi mentioned that the good practice of each country that can be shared and learnt among the three countries—Japan’s accumulated aid experiences over years; China’s swift implementation and flexibility to aid; and Korea’s ability to set up agendas—will be beneficial to the international donor community, and have an impact on global governance.


JICA-RI is under a preliminary stage of research on comparative research on bilateral development cooperation, considering targeting the newly emerging nations of the G20.  Attending this workshop provided an opportunity to comprehend the latest agendas over the G20, as well as to explore the possibilities of building a network with researchers familiar with situation of each member state, and of making of a framework of cooperation with research institutes, possible counterpart of G20 countries.


On the second day, Deputy Director Kitano exchanged views with SIIS Vice President Chen Dongxiao regarding future bilateral interactions in the field of development policy. At the SIIS, then JICA President Sadako Ogata gave a speech titled “Asia in the Era of Globalization and Prospect for Japan-China Relations” in October 2010.


2012-09-15 11.35.36.jpg
Note: This workshop was hosted by SIIS partnering with the Stanley Foundation in the United States, the Global Summitry Project at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, and the KDI (a new partner this year). It provides a forum for discussion on G20 concept and international contribution from the academic and policy aspects.

DaySeptember 13, 2012(Thu) - September 15, 2012(Sat)
PlaceShanghai, China

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