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JICA-RI Released the Research Findings on African Development in Multifaceted viewpoint

May 30, 2013


The JICA Research Institute has prepared the reports that summarize the JICA's experiences  and views on African development. It is hoped they would contribute to the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V), to be held this June, as well as to ongoing international discussion on African development. JICA-RI has engaged in diverse studies on African development since its foundation in 2008.

Special Issues

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1) For Inclusive and Dynamic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa


Hiroshi Kato, Kei Yoshizawa, Koji Makino, Keijiro Otsuka, Jiro Aikawa, Go Shimada, Toru Homma, Hiromichi Murakami, Yasuo Fujita, Ippei Tsuruga, Asami Takeda, Kaori Matsushita, Ikuo Takizawa, Kazuro Shibuya, Tomonori Sudo, Ryutaro Murotani, Shunichiro Honda and Yukimi Shimoda


Executive Summary
Part1: Rural Development and Food Security
Part2: Economic and Social Transformation
Part3: Resilience for Inclusive and Dynamic Development
Part4: South-South Cooperation for Knowledge Exchange


2) Africa Task Force Meeting ~JICA and The Initiative For Policy Dialogue(Columbia University)~


Joseph E. Stiglitz, Julia Cagé, Ha-Joon Chang, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Akio Hosono, Danny Leipziger, Shahid Yusuf, Akbar Noman, Annalisa Primi, Go Shimada


・Introduction: How Industrial Policy Can Help Africa Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century
・The African Transformation Report: Briefing Note
・Measuring policy performance: Can we do better than the World Bank?
・Is industrial policy necessary and feasible in Africa? Theoretical considerations and historical lessons
・Defining development in the 21st century: Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa
・Finance and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policy and research challenges
・Industrial strategy and economic transformation: Lessons of five outstanding cases
・Growth strategies for Africa in a changing global environment: Policy observations for sustainable and shared growth
・Industrial and trade policies in Africa: From unproductive rents to learning and accumulation
・The return of industrial policy: (What) Can Africa learn from Latin America?
・The economic implications of comprehensive approach to learning on industrial development (Policy and managerial capability learning): A case of Ethiopia


3) Development Challenges in Africa Towards 2050


Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2: Macroeconomics
Chapter 3: 2050 Scenarios
Chapter 4: Demography
Chapter 5: Poverty and Inequality
Chapter 6: Urbanization
Chapter 7: Natural Resources
Appendix: Model for Developing Global Growth Scenarios


4) The Coalition for African Rice Development: Progress in 2008~2013


Hiroyuki Kubota, Keijiro Otsuka, Kei Kajisa, Yoko Kijima, Yukinori Ito, Yuko Nakano, Ellen Payongayong


Part 1
・Five Years of the CARD Initiative - History, Achievements, and Further Challenges -
・How Promising Is the Rice Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Case Studies in Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana
Part 2(Case Studies)
   Case 1: On the Possibility of Lowland Rice Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from the Sustainable Irrigated Agricultural Development (SIAD) Project in Eastern Uganda
   Case 2: Expansion of Lowland Rice Production and Constraints on a Rice Green Revolution: Evidence from Uganda
   Case 3: The Determinants of Technology Adoption: The Case of the Rice Sector in Tanzania
   Case 4: Extensification and Intensification Process of Rainfed Lowland Rice Farming in Mozambique

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