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JICA and the Brookings Institution Present Findings of the Joint Study on "After the Arab Spring" both in Egypt and the US

March 28, 2014

Since February 2012, JICA has engaged in a joint three-year study project entitled “After the Arab Spring: Inclusive Growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regions” with the Brookings Institution. The two seminars where the findings of the second-year joint study were presented were held in Washington, D.C. and Cairo, Egypt.


The event in Washington D.C., held on February11, brought together Mitsuhiko Koenuma, the Director-General of the Middle East and Europe Department of JICA, as well as JICA-RI Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano and Research Fellow Akira Murata. Based on the joint study, Murata’s paper “Designing Youth Employment Policies in Egypt” was published as a working paper of the Brookings Institution.


On February 25, JICA, the Brookings Institution, and the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University co-hosted a local seminar “Towards Achieving Inclusive Growth in Egypt” in Cairo, Egypt. The seminar attracted more than 200 participants from the government of Egypt, its research institutes, and international organizations.


Murata gave a presentation based on his paper in the second session. Using the survey data collected by JICA-RI in Egypt, he explained that in order to support the development of more attractive private sector employment oppor¬tunities in Egypt, the public-private sector wage differentials must be narrowed. In addition, better benefits must accompany private sector employment (particularly support for continuing education, upgrading qualifications, and health insurance); and good IT infrastructure matters.

DayFebruary 11, 2014(Tue) - February 25, 2014(Tue)
PlaceWashington, D.C., USA and Cairo, Egypt
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