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JICA-RI and the World Bank Co-host a Seminar Focusing on Migration and Development in a Graying Society and a Growing Economy

June 6, 2014

Advanced economies such as Japan, facing the aging population, have a pressing issue of how to secure the labor force in order to maintain international competitiveness in the future. In contrast, the outflow of workforce to other countries has been on increase in developing countries along with a rise of overseas remittances, which poses a great impact on economic activities in home countries.


In light of cross-border migration as a significant development issue for both receiving and sending countries, JICA-RI and the World Bank’s KNOMAD co-hosted a seminar entitled “Migration and Development in a Graying Society and a Growing Economy.”


The seminar gathered a group of experts from the World Bank, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) , the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Kyoto University, and Keio University. From JICA-RI, Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano, Research Fellow Akira Murata, and Research Assistant Naoki Nishimura attended. The participants discussed new policy initiatives or research gaps on aging societies and migration, based on which they shared ideas on the possible research collaboration.


After JICA-RI Deputy Director Kitano and Dr. Yi Soonhwa, Senior Economist of the World Bank, gave opening remarks, respective speakers gave their presentations on the following topics.


1) The present state, the future vision, and policy agenda on aging societies in Asia
2) Development challenges to migration in developing countries (overseas remittances in particular)
3) International labor mobility between receiving and sending countries (especially skilled human resources such as nurses and care workers)


These topics, being closely intertwined with each other, are critical research areas in association with the intensification of the globalization of economies and the graying societies. The participants confirmed that research partnership among relevant institutions, experts, and specialists should be advanced by sharing knowledge and data, which lead to promising policy initiatives for future.


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DayMay 22, 2014(Thu) - May 23, 2014(Fri)
PlaceJICA Ichigaya Building

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