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How to Tackle the Land and Property Issues after Conflicts? A Book "Confronting Land and Property Problems for Peace" Released

June 16, 2014

A book entitled Confronting Land and Property Problems for Peace, which is based on JICA-RI’s research findings, was published by Routledge on May 27.


The volume compiles the findings of JICA-RI’s research project “Land and Property Problems in Post-conflict State-building and Economic Development” from 2011 to 2013. It examines a range of land and property problems in conflict-affected settings.


To date, the issues of land ownership have been analyzed and discussed as a topic in the development research. This research, focusing the problems in conflict-affected settings, examines the problem from a long-term perspective, rather than concentrating only on the immediate phase of emergency and humanitarian assistance. While the previous literature focuses on the response from external actors such as the international community, this research attempts to focus on local actors including the relevant governments and eventually re-examining the roles of the external actors.


The JICA-RI research project was conducted as an international collaborative research involving 14 researchers from seven countries. From JICA-RI, then Visiting Fellow Shinichi Takeuch edited the book, wrote the introduction, and co-authored the case studies on Rwanda and Burundi; former Senior Research Fellow Mari Katayanagi and former Research Fellow Ryutaro Murotani respectively contributed to the case studies on Bosnia-Herzegovina and Cambodia; and the three co-authored the conclusion chapter.


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