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Natural Disasters and Resilience: The Findings of the Joint Research Shared at the EADN Annual Forum

July 15, 2014

The East Asian Development Network (EADN), the East Asia network of the Global Development Network (GDN)*, held its 2013-2014 Annual Forum in Makati City, the Philippines, on July 7 and 8.



Senior Research Fellow


The forum aims to share research results among participants, organizing five thematic sessions. JICA-RI and GDN have been jointly working on a research project “Case Studies on Resilience in Southeast Asia.” The findings of the joint study project were shared at one of the five sessions.


In a session titled “Toward a Resilient Society,” Ms. Widyawati B. Sumadio of Universitas Indonesia presented on Social Capital Development in Strengthening Community Resilience. From Thailand, Dr. Jeeraporn Kummabutr of Thammasat University reported on a Thai case study on Developing Resiliency in Children through Life Skills Training. From JICA-RI, Senior Research Fellow Go Shimada attended and gave a presentation entitled “Natural Disasters and Resilience.” He introduced the result of quantitative research analysis on the role of social capital in the long-term process of reconstruction after the Great Hanshin Earthquake. He illustrated: social capital plays a significant role in generating job opportunities in tertiary industry; and securing job opportunities is a key factor in medium and long-term reconstruction.


The Q and A session reflected the participants’ great interests in this theme. They raised questions such as: how social capital can be interpreted in highly mobile societies like the urban cities in the Philippines; and the role of NGOs in the reconstruction process after Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines in 2013.


*GDN is an international body that aims to present and share recent research results through networking. The headquarters is based in New Delhi, India.


DayJuly 07, 2014(Mon) - July 08, 2014(Tue)
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