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Towards Post-2015 Agenda: JICA-RI Holds Workshop on Re-evaluating 60-years of Japan's Foreign Aid

August 6, 2014

2014 is a milestone year commemorating 60-year anniversary of Japanese Official Development Aid (ODA). Meanwhile, with the target year 2015 to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaching, discussions on the post-2015 international development framework and the specific indicators are entering the final phase.


On the occasion of reaching this significant milestone, JICA-RI has been conducting a research project to review Japan’s ODA towards post-2015 (Project for the 60th Anniversary of Foreign Aid). The results of this research are to be published in an English book.


During July 22-24, JICA-RI organized an authors’ workshop on the theme of “Japan and Developing World: 60 Years of Japan’s Foreign Aid and the Post-2015 Agenda” in Hokkaido. The workshop assembled experts from home and abroad. The event aimed to review Japan’s 60-year history of ODA from various perspectives with exchanging opinions.


Japan’s ODA, which started as part of war reparations, has been changing over the years responding to the context of the times. Looking back the path and recognizing the accomplishments and challenges, the research project attempts to draw policy implications for Japan’s future ODA and international efforts among development partners. Furthermore it is expected to present the knowledge and effective systems that have been accumulated, which will contribute to discussion on post-2015 as well as transformation required for revolution of development aid, including its redefinition, theories and practice.


Senior Fellow John Page of the Brookings Institution, Professor Emeritus Yasutami Shimomura of Hosei University, and JICA-RI Director Hiroshi Kato will edit the book, while 26 authors from home and abroad will contribute to chapters. A public seminar to present the results of the research will be held at the JICA Ichigaya in November 2014.


DayJuly 22, 2014(Tue) - July 24, 2014(Thu)
PlaceANA Hotel Sapporo, Hokkaido

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