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Applying the Japanese Experiences to the Empowerment of Women: JICA-RI Former Research Fellow Contributes a Paper to the Journal "Development in Practice"

October 15, 2014

Mine Sato (JICA-RI Former research fellow) has contributed a paper entitled “Empowering women at home and beyond: applying the Japanese experiences for poverty alleviation” to “Development in Practice (DIP)” in Vol.24, No.7.


This paper analyzes the applicability of the Japanese post-war Life Improvement Program (LIP) to contemporary developing countries for poverty alleviation with the intention of empowering women. The paper examines the cases of China, Mexico, Costa Rica, and other countries in Central America and the Caribbean, where JICA has provided assistance. The paper concludes that the LIP has contributed to the empowerment of women and led to poverty alleviation in marginalized poor communities.


The paper is based on one of four papers accepted by the World Bank as background papers for the “World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development.”


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