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Environmental Problems and Climate Change in Africa: JICA-RI Senior Research Fellow Contributes a Paper to the Oxford Handbooks Online

November 12, 2014

      Photo:Atsushi Shibuya/JICA
Tomonori Sudo JICA-RI senior research fellow has contributed a paper entitled “Environmental and Climate Change Issues in Africa” to “The Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics: Context and Concepts”.


This paper analyzes environmental and climate change issues in Africa, where the ecological footprint is increasingly affecting its abundant environmental capital. Shifting to “green growth” that synthesizes economic growth and environmental protection is an option to achieve sustainable development in Africa. In order to realize this, an effective mechanism for valuating environmental capital is a challenge. Further studies to identify the best solutions to global environmental problems are needed when climate change may have a severe impact on the region.


In July 2015, the paper was published in The Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics: Context and Concepts, an Oxford University Press publication.


Sudo's paper is published in Volume 1 of a two-volume series. Volume 1 covers studies and assessments of Africa and its economics over broad-ranging themes and research methods. Contributors include internationally renowned economists, political scientists, philosophers, and anthropologists.


Volume 2 reassesses economic policies and practices throughout Africa since independence. Leading economists and development researchers present analysis on Africa and its potential for future economic growth from a broad range of perspectives.

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