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Researcher Participates in the Second Global Meeting of International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding in Liberia

July 6, 2011

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Ryutaro Murotani, research associate, participated in the second global meeting of the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding, held in the Liberian capital, Monrovia on June 15 - 16. Attended by representatives of g7+ (a group of fragile states), civil societies and the International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF) -- a subsidiary body of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) -- the meeting provided an opportunity to discuss how international assistance should support fragile and conflict-affected states among those actors. The participants were joined by dignitaries including the President of Liberia, H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and DAC chair, Brian Atwood.


The meeting aimed to form a consensus among the international community on a set of objectives for peacebuilding and statebuilding, the outcome of which will be released as a chair’s statement later. Having reflected the fragile states’ requests to establish a more feasible targets towards the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), intermediate objectives were set in the following five areas: 1) legitimate politics; 2) security; 3) justice; 4) economic foundations; and 5) revenues and services. These objectives will be included in the agenda of the 4th High Level Forum to be convened in Busan, Korea in November this year.


During the meeting, the g7+ announced its intention to develop an index which would enable them to measure each country’s fragility by themselves. The measurement mechanisms are expected to create a common understanding on each country’s situation among g7+ and the international community, which will consequently boost efforts to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. The argument also focused on how civil societies could become involved in the common framework, together with donors and the governments of fragile states.


Related Research Area: Aid Strategies, Peace and Development


Ryutaro. Murotani
Research Associate, JICA Research Institute

DayJune 15, 2011(Wed) - June 16, 2011(Thu)
PlaceMonrovia, Republic of Liberia

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