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Hosono Emphasizes the Importance of Technology, Innovation and Resilience at UNIDO Seminar

January 8, 2016

The seminar "Partner for Prosperity", hosted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), was held Dec. 18, 2015, at the United Nations University in Tokyo. JICA Research institute Senior Research Advisor Akio Hosono participated in the discussion as a panelist.

JICA-RI Senior Research Advisor Akio Hosono

This seminar was held to mark the publication of "Industrial Development Report 2016." In Session 1, the authors of the report elucidated its significance, the results of their investigations and the report's policy implications. Then a panel discussion was held, featuring experts from research institutes, academic institutions and elsewhere. During Session 2, examples of the activities of UNIDO's Investment and Technology Promotion Office, Tokyo, were introduced. Around 120 people attended the seminar.

The report is entitled "The role of technology and innovation in inclusive and sustainable industrial development." The report aims to answer the following question: What conditions are necessary for technological innovations to bringing about structural transformation in developing countries, achieving environmentally friendly and sustainable industrial development, while an inclusive society is maintained in the long term?

Hosono participated in the Session 1 panel discussion for which Ludovico Alcorta (director, Research, Statistics and Industrial Policy Branch, UNIDO) served as moderator. He discussed the content of the report with Takahiro Fukunishi (director, Africa Studies Group, Institute of Developing Economies - Japan External Trade Organization); Shigeru Otsubo (director, Economic Development Policy & Management Program, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University); and Nicola Cantore (industrial research officer, Research, Statistics and Industrial Policy Branch, UNIDO).

A Japanese expert explains to Peruvian counterparts about the integrated services digital broadcasting(Photo: JICA/Kosuke Okahara)

Hosono emphasized the importance of industrial development aimed at strengthening resilience and based on innovative solutions. As examples, he mentioned low-cost, earthquake-resistant housing for low income households, an early disaster warning system based on the integrated services digital broadcasting (ISDB), developed in Japan, and building infrastructure that is resilient to natural disasters. He said Japan has enough advantages and experiences to contribute more to disaster risk reduction. He also talked about JICA's technical cooperation related to KAIZEN and supporting smaller businesses as examples of cooperation that promotes innovation.

Alcorta of UNIDO also gave a presentation entitled "Making policy work for sustainable industrialization - Policy findings of IDR 2016." Technology and innovation do not reduce employment opportunities, but instead have the potential to create new jobs in new sectors, he explained. And to secure inclusive employment, new policies that improve technological prowess through education and encourage technological development are needed, he said.

"Goal 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals calls for building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. I think this seminar was timely and full of good suggestions. But in thinking about industrial development in the context of the SDGs, we must focus on resilience along with inclusiveness and sustainability," Hosono said.


"Interview with Ludovico Alcorta, director of DPR, UNIDO"(JICA-RI Official Channel)

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