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JICA-RI Deputy Director Lectures on Japanese Development Assistance at Beijing Normal University

April 8, 2013

 On March 28, JICA-RI Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano was invited to Beijing Normal University (BNU) to give a lecture entitled "Experiences and Lessons in Japanese Development Assistance: Case studies in China and the ASEAN Countries" as Guest Lectures of Beijing Normal University Development Issues at the University.


BNU is a key university under the administration of the Ministry of Education. This January, the University employed Mr. Mo Yan as a full-time professor, who is a graduate of BNU as well as author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2012.


Kitano overviewed the characteristics of Japan's ODA towards China and ASEAN countries with introduction of JICA cases, speaking to master's course students in the School of Economics and Resource Management from the following perspectives: (1) a synergy of trade, investment, and aid, especially contributions to the formation of industrial clusters through the introduction of FDI by means of infrastructure development; (2) transfer of concepts, knowledge, and technology; (3) focus on both urban and rural development; and (4) emphasis on social inclusion and consideration of environment. He further touched on competition and cooperation among Japan, China and South Korea in the field of development assistance.


After his lecture, an active session of questions and answers was held on topics such as each comparative advantage of Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean development assistance, as well as on the direction to ameliorate China's foreign aid framework.


The students commented that they learnt how Japan has contributed to China's growth through development assistance and that the lecture was a good opportunity to consider a future vision of Chinese development assistance.


Professor Biliang Hu, Dean of the School of Economics and Resource Management, organizer of the event, stressed, "Japan and China are in a mutually dependent relations and it is important to continue our cooperation." He also pointed out that while China's economic activities globalizing, students have good chances to engage in the work in the fields of development assistance and overseas investment in Africa and Latin America regions.



DayMarch 28, 2013(Thu)
PlaceBeijing, China

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