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JICA Shares Knowledge and Experience at International Environmental Forum

April 15, 2013

The international forum “2013 Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum” was convened in Incheon, Korea from March 18 to 20. JICA-RI Research Fellow Tomonori Sudo emphasized the importance to apply ‘Climate Change Lens’ from policy level to project level, as well as the challenge of adapting ‘the Lens’ for project monitoring and evaluation stages.


The forum, entitled “Mainstreaming Adaptation in Development: Strategies and Actions in a Changing Climate,” aimed to discuss knowledge and experience on adaptation strategies at a wide range of levels from states to local communities, as well as case studies and experience on adaptation activities in various sectors. From JICA, Yukichi Usui of the Office for Climate Change within the Global Environment Department and Sudo attended the event.


At the breakout session entitled “Coordinating Adaptation Policies and Plans across Sectors,” Sudo gave a presentation with a theme of “Project Review through a Climate Change Lens.”  He highlighted the relation between development and climate change adaptation, pointing out that it is important for policy makers, project developers and practitioners to screen the development policies, programs and projects with a view to climate change related risks—so called ‘Climate Change Lens’— with case studies from JICA’s experience.


Usui, attending the session on capacity building strategies for adaptation entitled “Investing in Adaptation Technologies with Mitigation Co-benefits,” explained JICA’s policies for climate change. Using urban flood countermeasures and low-carbon growth as examples, he exchanged opinions on the need of mainstreaming both adaptation and mitigation policies from a long-term development perspective.


Their presentations drew a great deal of attention to JICA’s continuous efforts, knowledge, and experiences towards adaptation, generating a lively exchange of opinions.


The forum was jointly hosted by the Korea Environment Institute and the Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific, and the Stockholm Environment Institute.


The event was also supported by Japan’s and Korea’s Ministries of Environment, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Incheon Metropolitan City, and the Korea International Cooperation Agency. The forum met more than 500 participants, including: delegates from Japanese and Korean Ministries of Environment; other Asian government officials; aid organizations including UNEP and ADB; specialists and researchers.


DayMarch 18, 2013(Mon) - March 20, 2013(Wed)
PlaceIncheon, South Korea

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