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JICA-RI Researchers Contribute to an English Publication on China's Foreign Aid

December 17, 2013

An academic book entitled A Study of China’s Foreign Aid: An Asian Perspective was released by Palgrave Macmillan. The volume, based on research results on China’s foreign aid from diverse perspectives, is an expanded version of the study on the “Intellectual Exchange Project on China’s Foreign Aid” conducted by the Japan Institute of International Affairs. It is also positioned as a companion work to the Japanese book entitled China’s Foreign Aid that was published in January 2013. The new book, which consists of five parts, is co-edited by Professor Emeritus Yasutami Shimomura of Hosei University and Professor Hideo Ohashi of Senshu University. From JICA-RI, Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano and former Research Associate Takaaki Kobayashi (currently Associate Professor of Yokohama National University) contribute to the book as authors.


The book is the outcomes of a joint research by experts from three countries—Japan, the Philippines, and China—on China’s foreign aid that has been drawing international attention. The existing studies tend to analyze China’s foreign aid from the perspectives of western donors and the international aid community. The reality is that while being an aid recipient in Asia, China also has been accelerating its foreign aid to other developing countries utilizing the accumulated knowledge through its experience as an aid recipient country. This book deals with China as a “donor in Asia,” seeking to identify commonality and possibility of collaboration with other donors.


The second chapter entitled “Aid Volume in a Historical Perspective” (included in Part 2: Basic Facts of a Rising Donor) was co-authored by Professor Shimomura and Dr. Kobayashi. The chapter, calculating the amount of contributions per scheme in recent years, estimates the unrevealed China’s aid “volume” from a variety of evidence over the long term.


Deputy Director Kitano wrote chapter 8 entitled “Impact of Economic Cooperation on Asian Countries: Focus on the Mekong Region and Central Asia” (included in Part 4: Impacts of China’s Foreign Aid) that examines the influence of China’s economic cooperation on China’s neighboring regions, especially the Mekong region and Central Asia. Explaining that China is boosting its connectivity by building cross-border infrastructure in transport and energy, he analyzes the impact of its economic ties from a comprehensive view including trade, investment, and aid.


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