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JICA-RI released the study outcome An Empirical Analysis of Expanding Rice Production in Sub-Saharan Africa

May 28, 2013

JICA launched the Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) initiative at the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV) in May 2008. The CARD initiative aims at doubling rice production in Africa over ten years. JICA has been working in collaboration with the relevant agencies for achieving the objective.


In parallel to CARD, JICA-RI has been conducting “An Empirical Analysis of Expanding Rice Production in Sub-Sahara Africa,” a research project targeting five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Senegal. The project group examined and empirically analyzed whether it would be effective and possible to transfer Asian-style rice production technologies to Africa, as well as what factors hinder the dissemination of them.


The booklet is an interim report that provides an overview of CARD initiatives over the last five years—from 2008 to 2013—followed by a summation of the research findings from the aforementioned research project. With employing micro econometric analytical methods, the paper introduces the state of dissemination of rice cultivation technologies and the constraints in three countries—Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique.


Special Issue

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The Coalition for African Rice Development Progress in 2008-2013


Part 1
・ Five Years of the CARD Initiative - History, Achievements, and Further Challenges - 
・ How Promising Is the Rice Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Case Studies in Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana
Part 2 (Case Studies)
Case 1: On the Possibility of Lowland Rice Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from the Sustainable Irrigated Agricultural Development (SIAD) Project in Eastern Uganda
Case 2: Expansion of Lowland Rice Production and Constraints on a Rice Green Revolution: Evidence from Uganda
Case 3: The Determinants of Technology Adoption: The Case of the Rice Sector in Tanzania
Case 4: Extensification and Intensification Process of Rainfed Lowland Rice Farming in Mozambique

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