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Book on China's Foreign Aid Published with JICA-RI's Contribution

February 5, 2013

A book entitled China’s Foreign Aid, was released from Nihon Keizai Hyoronsha this January. It is the first academic book in Japanese with an aim to get a whole picture of Chinese foreign aid through discussions from a diverse array of perspectives. The book is based on the research outcomes of a project to promote intellectual exchange between Chinese and Japanese experts at the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA); Professor Emeritus Yasutami Shimomura of Hosei University, Professor Hideo Ohashi of Senshu University, and JIIA jointly edited the book. From JICA-RI, Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano and Research Associate (RA) Takaaki Kobayashi contributed to the book as authors.


As Chinese presence in the area of international development has grown rapidly, JICA-RI has been working on the theme of China’s foreign aid with great attention(*1).  The Institute is currently implementing a research project titled ‘Comparative Study on Development Cooperation Strategy: Focusing on G20 Emerging Economies,’ which compares the development strategies of emerging countries including China. Thus Kitano and Kobayashi, both associated with the JICA-RI project, wrote one chapter each to present some of the research findings.


In the second chapter, “Volume, Activities, and Institutional Framework of China’s Foreign Aid,” Kobayashi estimates the long term trend and explores the mechanisms of China’s aid from the latest official documents and information.


In the fourth chapter, “Economic Cooperation for Asian Countries: Focusing on the Mekong Region and Central Asia,” Kitano analyzes the orientation of China’s economic cooperation that has deepen its relationship with each country in neighboring Mekong region and Central Asia, from a comprehensive perspective including aid as well as trade and investment.


The authors of the book are working on the English version that is scheduled to be released from Palgrave Macmillan within this year.


(*1)The followings are a few examples of these products. “Evolution of China’s Aid Policy,” JBICI Working Paper, No. 27; “How Do ‘Emerging’ Donors Differ from ‘Traditional’ Donors?: An Institutional Analysis of Foreign Aid in Cambodia,” JICA-RI Working Paper, No. 2; “Diversity and Transformation of Aid Patterns in Asia’s ‘Emerging Donors’,” JICA-RI Working Paper, No. 21; “Reviewing the Conventional Wisdom on China’s Aid: Disparities with Traditional Donors and Development Effects on Developing Countries,” edited by the Japan Institute of International Affairs in China’s Foreign Aid,; and “The Diversity and Origins of ‘Emerging’ Donors,” Journal of International Development Studies, Vol. 21, No. 1 and 2.

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