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Research Associate Toyota Visits Indonesia for Environmental Data Collection

January 17, 2012

JICA-RI Research Associate Tomoyo Toyota visited Jakarta, Indonesia, during December 15th to 23rd, 2011. Her goal was to collect information and exchange ideas on Indonesia’s Climate Change Program Loan (CCPL) program -- a yen loan, general budget support program with the aim of reducing greenhouse gases, and to collect data related to electricity, environment, and economy in the country.


Indonesia unveiled its National Action Plan for comprehensively mitigating and adapting to climate change at COP 13, which was held in Bali in 2007. In 2009, it announced it would cut emissions by 26% over the total estimate of the gasses if left untouched, by 2020. CCPL is a JICA’s development policy loan designed to support policies for climate change in Indonesia. It helps create a series of policies for mitigation and adaptation measures, and assesses the implementation of those policies. JICA has taken the same type of approach in Vietnam, which is called the Support Program to Respond to Climate Change (SP-RCC).


JICA-RI plans to quantitatively evaluate the greenhouse gas reduction effects of CCPL and SP-RCC in its research project “Research on the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Effect through JICA Projects.” As there is no established estimation method for the quantitative assessment of greenhouse gases through policy implementation, Toyota held dialogues with relevant organizations to check which data can be used and to confirm assessment methods.


*Toyota visited the following organizations: the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), the University of Indonesia, BPS-Statistics Indonesia, and the JICA Indonesia Office.

DayDecember 15, 2011(Thu) - December 23, 2011(Fri)

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