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Workshop on Myanmar's Economic Development Held at JICA-RI

October 14, 2011

On September 27, JICA-RI held a workshop to discuss the final output of JICA-RI’s research project "Issues and Challenges for Economic Development in Myanmar." The findings of the research – which was undertaken from April 2009 to March 2011 – were recently compiled into a report, and researchers in charge gathered to polish their proposals through extensive discussions prior to the final completion of the report.


Put together with the aim to envision the future of Myanmar's economic development, the report includes papers covering diverse aspects of the country such as: Myanmar's economic history, analysis of official statistics, macro economy, problems in its dual exchange rate system, agriculture and rural development, industrial development, and the status and challenges of social infrastructure development.


Of the nine authors who contributed to the research, the following seven attended the workshop including Konosuke Odaka (project leader and professor emeritus at Hitotsubashi University.) Also in attendance were five commentators, who pointed out, among other things, that the report should reflect the recent development after the transition to civilian rule taken place this spring as much as possible, and should also place more emphasis on the perspective of political economy.


The research team plans to revise the report to include the remarks above and publish the final version in Japanese shortly. A publication for international audiences is also being considered.


DaySeptember 27, 2011(Tue)
PlaceJICA Research Institute
OrganizerJICA Research Institute

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