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No.125 India's Unique Role in the Enhancement of Democratic Governance as a Model of Constitutional Democracy

How can the unique knowledge, experience, technology, institutions, norms, and ideas of developing countries contribute to the political, economic, and social development of other developing countries? This question is worth asking, as ongoing discussions regarding emerging donors have failed to explore the possible contribution of developing countries to governance issues through the utilization of their unique resources.

This paper examines the realities and potential of India's contribution to the enhancement of democratic governance in developing countries. It argues that India's enduring experience of constitutional democracy has been attracting attention from other developing countries, particularly those who are tackling the daunting challenge of consolidating democracy in tandem with the projects of nation-building and state-building within the inherently hostile environment of an ethnically and religiously divided society.

Keywords: India, emerging donor, democratic governance, democracy promotion, constitution, constitutional democracy

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