Educational Background

Bachelor of Law, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
Master of International Affairs, School of International and Public Affairs of the Columbia University and W. Averell Harriman Institute for the Advanced Study of the Soviet Union (Columbia University)

Career Background

The Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund,
Ministry of Finance of Japan (Bureau of International Finance),
Japan Bank for International Cooperation,
Japan International Cooperation Agency,
Saitama University,
Hosei University,
Aoyama-Gakuin University,
International University of Japan,
University of Shizuoka (Part-time lecturer)

Major Publications

Book Chapters

“Role of Japan in the Evolution of India’s aid policy,” Jin Sato and Yasutami Shimomura eds., The Rise of Asian Donors: Japan's Impact on the Evolution of Emerging Donors, Routledge, 2012.

“Why is the construction of the rule of law difficult?: the political nature of the construction process of the rule of law,” Hirotsune Kimura et al. eds., Development Politics, Keiso Shobo, 2013 (in Japanese)

“Chapter 5: Development and the rule of law,” and “Chapter 9: Development and Institutional reform,” Kimura Hirotsune et al. eds., 61 Books for the Study of Development Politics, Akashi-Shoten, 2018 (in Japanese)

“Peacebuilding and the rule of law,” the Japan Association for International Development, Encyclopedia of International Development, Maruzen Shuppan, 2018 (in Japanese).


“Emerging Donors from a Recipient Perspective: An Institutional Analysis of Foreign Aid in Cambodia,” World Development, Vol. 39, No. 1.(2011)

“How Do ‘Emerging’ Donors Differ from ‘Traditional’ Donors?—An Institutional Analysis of Foreign Aid in Cambodia—,” JICA Research Institute Working Paper No.2 (2010)

“Diversity and Transformation of Aid Patterns in Asia's ‘Emerging Donors’," JICA Research Institute Working Paper No. 21 (2010)

“Is Public Involvement in the Constitution-Making Process a Panacea for Political Stability in Post Conflict Countries? — Potential and Limitations of Participatory Constitution- Making,” Kokusai-Seiji, Japan Association for International Relations, Vol. 165. (2011) (in Japanese)

“How does the rule of law contribute to development?: Revisiting the role of law in development,” Kokusai Kaihatsu Kenkyu, Vol. 23, No. 1. (2014) (in Japanese)

"India's Unique Role in the Enhancement of Democratic Governance as a Model of Constitutional Democracy," JICA Research Institute Working Paper No. 125 (2016)

“Normative Framing of Development Cooperation: Japanese Bilateral Aid between the DAC and Southern Donors,” JICA Research Institute Working Paper No. 130 (2016)

“India’s Role as a Facilitator of Constitutional Democracy,” IDS Bulletin, Volume 49 Issue 3. (2018)


The Japan Association for International Relations, The Japan Society for International Development, Japanese Political Science Association

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