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Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change in Developing Countries

Past Research Projects

This study consists of two parts: a study on climate change adaptation measures and a study on climate change mitigation measures. The adaptation part forecasts the impact of climate change on countries in Asia and Africa. It proposes measures for local community adaptation and suggests the direction of assistance offered them by developed countries and international organizations. In this regard, it introduces studies undertaken cooperatively by JICA and the University of Tokyo on impact assessments in the Chao Phraya River Basin in Thailand, and findings from a study of the influence of climate change on large Asian cities currently being conducted by JICA-RI. It also seeks cooperation from European and U.S. institutions that are conducting relevant research on Africa. The mitigation part of the study identifies issues confronting the implementation of low-carbon policies using the results of research on carbon reduction in Asia by Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies.

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