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JICA India NGO Database


1. What is JICA India NGO Database?

JICA India has launched the ‘JICA India NGO Database', as a platform for engaging multilevel stakeholders that have the following needs with NGOs in India -

  • Looking for a local partner to implement social development projects in India.
  • Looking for local partners to collect data and conduct research for social development activities in India
  • Looking for reliable local partner with a proven record of accomplishment in relation to CSR activities in India.
  • Looking for information on the activities of social development in India and good cases of new initiatives.

2. What is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)?

Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) is a non-profit, citizen-based group that functions independently of Government. Most NGOs are registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 or a Public Trust under the Indian Trust Act 1882 or as a Section 8 Company, under the Companies Act of 2013.

NGOs act as the operational arm of the civil society and thus have an important role in the country's development process. With their expertise covering all areas engaged in the industry and their capability to influence it and thereby bring about progress, NGOs act as a catalyst for greater impact to millions of lives at the community level.

Contributions made to relief funds and charitable institutions are subject to tax deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

3. Indian NGO Directory Methodology:

While implementing the cooperation activities in India, JICA India has been recognizing the increasing importance of engaging with local NGOs for extending the outreach of JICA's interventions. Further, the impact of COVID-19 on the underprivileged members of society in India, has been immensely challenging, both, socially and economically. During this time, cooperation with local NGOs in supporting the marginalized communities in all aspects of life is extremely essential.

JICA India entrusted a consultant organisation with conducting a survey to identity eminent Indian NGOs with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) certification as one of its mandatory requirements. NGOs focusing on thematic area such Health, Women Empowerment, Education, Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Environment, Disaster Prevention, Rural Development, Livelihood, Agriculture, Forestry, etc, were included in the survey. The NGO survey was conducted keeping in mind the registration legality, statutory reporting, program experience, fiscal health among other parameters for successful implementation of projects. The result of the survey was the Indian NGO Directory, a list of more than 1,000 NGOs.

4. Creation of JICA India NGO Database:

In light of the on-going pandemic situation, JICA India created the NGO database with the organisations listed on the Directory, to promote partnership between Japanese stakeholders and Indian NGOs. The platform will provide Japanese stakeholders with all the required information & support related to the non-profit sector in India. JICA India will also facilitate matching between Japanese stakeholders and local NGOs for implementing social development projects in India.

The platform will also facilitate matching of support and information on related events for Indian social enterprises and for Japanese companies that are implementing or considering doing business in India.

5. Activities:

  • To provide information about Indian NGOs and facilitate partnership with Japanese stakeholders under the JICA Partnership Program (JPP) and Community Empowerment Programs (CEP).
  • To provide information related to the Indian social development and non-profit sector to Japanese stakeholders.

6. Contact Information:

For any inquiries and questions about the Indian NGO directory, please contact, NGO - JICA Japan Desk in India office via email.

Email ID: IndiaNGOdesk@jica.go.jp


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