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Press Release

August 10, 2022

JICA Celebrates International Youth Day to Promote Intergenerational Solidarity
- JICA reiterates its commitment to ‘creating a world for all ages' through the JOCV volunteering program -

New Delhi, August 10, 2022: The International Youth Day is commemorated every year on 12 August with a vision to encourage the youth around the world to organize activities to draw global attention to the several problems and challenges they face. The theme of the International Youth Day 2022 is ‘Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages'.

Aligning with the United Nation's vision of fostering successful and equitable intergenerational relations and partnerships to ensure "no one is left behind", the International Youth Day is imperative in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by leveraging the full potential of all generations. It attempts to defy the stereotypes attributed to age and empower all individuals to fulfill their potential and contribute effectively to their communities.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) recognizes the need for intergenerational interventions to enhance social connectedness and strengthen intergenerational solidarity, especially in the backdrop of countries navigating through the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV) program is one of JICA's initiatives that contribute to nurturing the youth and leveraging the strengths and knowledge of people across generations. The JOCV program also aims at enabling mutual understanding between peoples of partner countries and Japan.

To promote economic and social development cooperation, the JOCV program engages Japanese volunteers in an exchange with emerging countries to help contribute to the development of the countries and gain exposure in terms of international goodwill, mutual understanding, and an expansion in their international perspectives driven by the motto of "together with the local community".

India is one of the first countries where the JOCV program started in 1966. The total number of JICA Volunteers dispatched to India, since the commencement of the program until August, 2022 is 244. They have been deployed in the field of education, health, agriculture, community development and sports. Presently the number of JICA volunteers in India as of August 2022 is 8, and, JICA India Office has a plan to dispatch few more volunteers within the year 2022.

Furthering its efforts, JICA has introduced 5 more JOCVs who have recently arrived in the country. These include:

  • Mr. SEKI Hisashi, Shiatsu Massage Instructor, The Blind Relief Association, Delhi who would be teaching Shiatsu bodywork therapy to visual impaired people
  • Mr. OKAMOTO Rei, Japanese Language Teacher, Arwachin International School, Delhi
  • Mr. TOGAMI Jun, Japanese Language Teacher, Bluebells School International, Delhi
  • Ms. YOSHIDA Chie, Japanese Language Teacher, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Ms. SEKI Akina, Japanese Language Teacher, Mody University of Science and Technology, Sikar, Rajasthan

The JOCVs mentioned above will be contributing to different sectors, and will ensure intergenerational solidarity and leaving no one behind.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. SAITO Mitsunori, Chief Representative, JICA India Office said, "I would like to commend the United Nation's dedicated efforts towards reducing the bias associated with ageism which negatively impacts the society. This year's theme of the International Youth Day is extremely significant as the world moves towards post-pandemic recovery warranting the need for increased intergenerational solidarity. JICA's JOCV program aligns with this theme and all our efforts are directed towards building a world which is inclusive for all."

JICA is set to further expand its JOCV program to reach more communities and accelerate the fulfilment of the United Nations' SDGs and contribute towards a world free from the shackles of ageism and discrimination.

About JICA

Established, by a specific law, as an incorporated administrative institution under the Government of Japan, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) aims to contribute to the promotion of international cooperation, as a sole Japanese governmental agency in charge of ODA implementation. JICA is the world's largest bilateral donor agency. JICA works as a bridge between Japan and emerging countries, and provides assistance in forms of loan, grant and technical cooperation so that the emerging countries can strengthen their capabilities.

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