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Activities in Indonesia

Training Program

Since July 2015 JICA has changed the formal titles of “Training Program” to “Knowledge Co-creation Program” (KCCP).

JICA Indonesia has been facilitating the human capacity building for those who have the potentials in contributing to the socio-economic development of Indonesia, especially for institutional development and system improvement within the society, through the provision of varied types of training courses held in Japan, Indonesia, as well as other developing countries.

Programs in Japan

The programs in Japan are basically held for the purpose of providing Indonesians with opportunities to acquire practical knowledge accumulated in the Japanese society with the hope that those people would find useful knowledge and re-create their own knowledge for enhancement of their own capacity or that of the organization and society to which they belong.

Programs in Other (Neighboring) Countries

The Indonesian people are provided with the opportunities to participate in training courses that are held in the neighboring countries under JICA’s support for the south-south cooperation.


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