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Topics & Events

May 28, 2022

JICA Participation in the Global Platform Disaster Risk Reduction 2022 and Indonesian House of Resilience

From 23-28 May 2022, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) participated in Global Platform Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) 2022. The theme for GPDRR 2022 was "From Risk to Resilience: Towards Sustainable Development for All in a COVID-19 Transformed World". This event takes a role as the main global multi-stakeholder forum to monitor the progress, views sharing, and exchange idea on the implementation of Sendai Framework Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

To grasp insights and update from other countries on the implementation of Sendai Framework, JICA hosted the unofficial Closed Group Discussion, which aims for sharing ideas with around 40 counterparts and organizations of JICA disaster prevention project from Indonesia, Philippine, East Timor, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, India, Mongolia, and other countries . This conclusion, together with other presentation topics on the efforts and importance of prior disaster prevention investment has been wrapped up in Official side event with topic: "From DRR strategies to DRR investment: Keys to successful implementation of the Sendai Framework beyond the Global Target E, delivered by Cabinet Office, National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), University of Tohoku, Mayor of Sendai, and UNDP. In addition, JICA also participated on Midterm Review Plenary of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction to convey the message of the role of public investment, hazard based knowledge, and active promotion as the keys of Sendai Framework successful implementation.

In conjunction with GPDRR 2022, JICA also actively involved and participated in the Indonesian House of Resilience event (Rumah Resiliensi Indonesia/RR-I). RR-I is a collaboration event of multi-stakeholder, especially for organizations based in Indonesia to share the work experience, ideas and inputs on disaster risk reduction efforts, COVID-19 impact, community services and etc. JICA also participated and opened a booth in RRI, showcasing our work in with some posters, brochure and we also collaborated with grass-root project of community radio, and displayed a mini-studio of radio set-up. JICA's team also performed 3 sessions of presentation to explain more detail insights on JICA's activity in DRR presented by 1) Project Team of SATREPS Indonesia BRICC (Building Sustainable System for Resilience and Innovation in Coastal Community); 2)Consortium of Radar Tangguh (Community Radio Program); 3) JICA's representative from Headquarter. JICA representatives, JICA Indonesia Office, JICA Expert on Disaster Risk Reduction Policy Advisor, Radar Tangguh Consortium and Distinguished Technical Advisor of JICA on DRR, also participated in the exhibiton panel, a two-way interview with the organizer, to explain more about the specific topics.

More information related to GPDRR 2022 and Indonesian House of Resilience event could be checked more detail in:

PhotoParticipants of several countries attending the Closed Group Discussion session.

PhotoPhoto session of the participants from Closed Group Discussion Session.

PhotoOhno Keitaro (Deputy Minister of Cabinet office) giving the opening speech of the Official Side Event session. From left to right: Dr. Satoshi Nishikawa (Nagoya University-Moderator), Dr. Raditya Jati (BNPB - Speaker 1), Dr. Yuchi Ono (Tohoku University-Speaker2). In the screen shown Kazuhiko Kohri (Mayor City of Sendai) and Angelika Planitz (UNDP).

PhotoDr. Kimiyo Takeya, Distinguished Technical Advisor of JICA on DRR, giving a presentation in JICA Official side event.

PhotoPhoto sessions of the speakers at JICA official side event. (Left to right) Dr. Kimiyo Takeya, Dr. Satoshi Nishikawa, Dr. Raditya Jati, Dr. Yuchi Ono.

PhotoDr. Kozo Nagami, Director of Disaster Risk Reduction Group giving presentation of the ideas from JICA on the Midtrem Review Plenary of Sendai Framework, together with JICA Indonesia Representative (Left to right) Tomoko Kashihara, Nozomu Ono, Tomoya Kikuta, and Yoshito Kikumori.

PhotoJICA staff (Anita Yuniar) explaining JICA's activity and project in relation to DRR from the posters, and brochure equipped in JICA booth.

PhotoJICA staff (Hastin Chandra Diantari) introducing JICA activities including a mini radio set-up to President Joko Widodo, during his visit to JICA Booth in the Indonesian House of Resilience event.

PhotoChief Representative of JICA Indonesia Office, Takehiro Yasui, seen with Project Team member of Radio Community as well as JICA staff, during his visit to JICA booth.

PhotoA group photo of SATREP Project Team Member after introducing its project's goal and detailed of activity in Resilience Stage Event.

PhotoPresentation session in Resilience Stage by Project Team member of Radio Community.

PhotoDr. Kozo Nagami and Kotomi Masuda presenting JICA materials in the resilience stage.

PhotoDr. Kimiyo Takeya explaining his concerns on the implementation of the Sendai Framework in the interview session.
Photo credit : BNPB Youtube (external link)

PhotoDr. Yoshito Kikumori, JICA Expert on Disaster Risk Reduction, introducing his role in DRR sector together with Hastin Diantari, Program Officer of JICA Indonesia. During which, Hastin also explaining JICA's activities related to DRR sector in Indonesia.
Photo credit : BNPB Youtube (external link)

PhotoProject Team members of Radio Community explaining about their activity in Indonesia during the Interview Session in Resilience Stage.
Photo credit : BNPB Youtube (external link)


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