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Topics & Events

March 10, 2023

JICA NGO Desk Latest News: Capacity Building and Strengthening Online Training for Organizations in fiscal year 2022.

Jakarta, March 2023, JICA NGO Desk has held a series of capacity building and strengthening trainings for local Indonesian organizations, which consist of three sessions. The first session was to discuss the topic of building creativity to encourage innovation in organizations, which was held on 17 November 2022 and attended by 30 participants. On this occasion, the participants were invited to "reactivate" their own creative potential, which is often forgotten, through basic, simple, and familiar stages of everyday life.


The second session was held on January 17 - 20 2023, discussing the topic of strengthening soft skills to lead organizational vision and create social impact. A total of 30 participants from 22 organizations attended to discuss together about their leadership and managerial skills through various skills such as coaching, mentoring, partnership, collaboration, as well as communication techniques to active listening skills. On 14 - 17 February 2023, JICA NGO Desk held the third and final session for fiscal year 2022. Entitled "Fundraising Strategy and Measuring & Communicating Impact", 25 organizations attended and shared their knowledge and experiences in fundraising. During the session, participants worked on a group-based simulation exercise to design fundraising activities for a hypothetical program.



The entire online training series was facilitated by Circle Indonesia, a non-profit organization domiciled in Yogyakarta. Not only facilitating expert speakers according to the topics discussed, Circle Indonesia also provided opportunities for participants to have interactive discussions with invited speakers; Ms. Shita Laksmi, Executive Director of Tifa Foundation and Ms. Siti Faridah, person in charge of the Grassroots Program of the Embassy of Japan for the Republic of Indonesia.




We tried to record some impressions from participants: "Very good training. Still interesting even though it's done online. We hope that training like this will be held more regularly by involving more institutions for the possibility of collaboration, mutual support and better connection with each other in the future." Ms. Laras from ‘Aisyiyah.

"The material was very interesting and I learned a lot from the speakers and other colleagues during the group discussion.' Jean from Kopernik Indonesia.

"The program is very useful for us social entrepreneurs (startups). The training provided can contribute a lot in the preparation of our program proposals. We hope that the speakers and materials related to the Theory of Change will also help to communicate impacts more effectively." Duhitta from Terrawater Indonesia.

"The training was very enjoyable, experienced participants are willing to share their experiences, so I can learn too. The resource persons presented also have very good skills and experience in terms of training materials. What needs to be considered is holding offline training so that the closeness between participants and resource persons can be more intimate and more ‘humane'" Mr. Rinaldi from Radar Tangguh.

"I feel happy to be able to take part in the JICA training to deepen my knowledge and put it into practice at our NGO Institute. I was very impressed with the "knowledge and sharing" experiences of some of the trainees, as well as the ability of the trainees to make Jamboard presentations and deliver them in a joint forum. For the sake of an 'impact', after the training, there is a need for Reflection and Action. Reflection means that all participants reflect and review everything they have learned during the training. Then, taking action (Action) means carrying out the practical application of what they have learned during the training." Julian Murcaningtyas from YPAC.


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