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Topics & Events

March 14, 2023

Kick-Off Meeting on Limboto Lake Rescue Effort

The current condition of Limboto Lake, located in Gorontalo Regency, has degraded significantly over past decades. National Government has commenced Limboto Lake as prioritized lake for rescue, through Government Regulation No. 60 of 2021. Gorontalo Governor has also formed the National Priority Lake Rescue Team which is stated on Governor Decree No. 313/28/X/2022. This Rescue Team, chaired by Regional Secretary, is responsible for the overall strategy of Limboto Lake Rescue, from the planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well development and supervision.

PhotoCurrent Condition of Limboto Lake. Left: Illegal Housing Blocks Lake Outlet. Right: Water Hyacinth on Lake Outlet, Degrading Lake Water Quality and Ecosystem.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, Lake Limboto Rescue Team held the Kick-Off Meeting as a means of acceleration commitment to rescue Limboto Lake. The meeting was chaired by Sofian Ibrahim as Head of Agency for Planning of Research and Development of Gorontalo Province and Vice Chair of Rescue Team. Opening remarks and remarks were given by Acting Regional Secretary, Syukril J. Botutihe, and Chief Representative of JICA Indonesia Office, Yasui Takehiro. In this meeting, JICA facilitated exchange of opinions of Rescue Team with experts, in collaboration with International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC).

PhotoSituation of Limboto Lake Kick-Off Meeting

Sofian opened the meeting with report of the current condition and issues in Limboto Lake. Syukril, as the Head of Rescue Team, pointed out that Limboto Lake has special historical value, and has strategic position for Gorontalo society, and therefore, the rate of contraction should be further reduced. In his remarks, Yasui also highlighted that the current condition of Lake Limboto is rather complex, and therefore, the involvement and cooperation of related parties is highly necessary to rescue the lake.

Participants from Bone Bolango River Basin Management Agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry; Balai Wilayah Sungai Sulawesi II Gorontalo, Ministry of Public Works and Housing; and related provincial government agencies presented the current condition of Limboto Lake, the issues and ongoing and potential effort for the rescue.

PhotoLeft: Yasui attended the Kick-Off Meeting through online means and gave remarks
Right: Representatives and Chair of the Meeting. From left to right: Fujiwara (JICA Indonesia Office), Syukril J. Botutihe (Acting Regional Secretary of Gorontalo Province and Head of Limboto Lake Rescue Team), Mr. Sofian Ibrahim (Head of Bappeda Gorontalo Province and Vice Head of Limboto Lake Rescue Team)

In addition, from Japanese side, ILEC team, led by Ichiki as Technical Advisor, also provided insights and expert comments on the current condition and future potential effort to rescue Limboto Lake. ILEC appreciated the current ongoing efforts by the Rescue Team, which direction is considered appropriate. It is worth noted that issues and problems on Limboto Lake create complex condition to be handled, and therefore, it certainly takes time to see the results. It was also highlighted that the effort should involve surrounding society, since they present daily in the river basin area, and is important part to the rescue effort. Suggested efforts to involve society includes provision of possible alternatives of source income for society, consultation and explanation the rescue plan, and visual presentation of future vision of restored lake.

In the future, ILEC also commits to share Limboto Lake issues widely to gain more diverse insights from concerned organizations. In addition, as explained by Yasui, JICA will also take part in the rescue effort, hand in hand with Provincial Government and the Rescue Team.


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