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Activities in Mongolia

List of On-Going Projects

Legend: (TCP) Technical Cooperation Project, (SAT) Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS), (LAP) Loan Aid Project, (GAP) Grant Aid Project, (SME) Support for Japanese SMEs Overseas Business Development, (JPP) JICA Partnership Programs, Knowledge Co-creation Program(KCCP), (DCS) Data Collection Survey

1. Sound Macroeconomic Management and Strong Governance

Improving public financial management

  • (GAP) Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship
  • (LAP) The COVID-19 Crisis Response Emergency Support Loan
  • (TCP) Project for the new Tax law enforcement by strengthening capacity of implementation Mongolian Tax Administration
  • (TCP) Project for Strengthening the Government Capacity of Public Investment Plan
  • (TCP) Project for Strengthening capacity of macroeconomic policy and planning

Promoting the vital market economy

  • (TCP) Project for Enhancement of the Fair Competition Environment Phase2 in Mongolia
  • (TCP) Project for Capacity Building of the Capital Markets Phase 2 in Mongolia

2. Environment-friendly and Balanced Economic Development

Promoting industry diversification and enhancing strategic planning of regional development

  • (LAP) Higher Engineering Education Development Project (PDF/136KB)
  • (TCP) Project of Phase 2 for Enhanced Function of Mongolia-Japan Center for Human Resources Development for Capacity Development and Networking of Business Persons Phase II
  • (TCP) Project for Strengthening the Practical Capacity of Public and Private Veterinarian
  • (TCP) Project for Formulation of Master Plan on the Agricultural Value Chain
  • (JPP) Project on Beekeeping Development to Improve Rural Livelifood In Mongolia
  • (SAT) Control of tuberculosis and glanders in Mongolia
  • (SAT) The Project for Restoration of Pastureland by Effective Usage of Wild Forage Plants based on Traditional Knowledge of Nomadic Mongolians

Developing high-quality infrastructure to underpin growth

Creating an environment-friendly safe city

3. Realization of Inclusive Society

Achieving healthcare standards that meet society's needs

  • (TCP) Project for establishment of hospital management and medical services at Japan Mongolia teaching hospital
  • (JPP) The project for improvement of diagnostic ability in early phase of pneumoconiosis and asbestos-exposure related respiratory disease
  • (TCP) Project for Strengthening Post-graduate Training for Medical Doctors and Nurses
  • (KCCP) Improvement of the Quality of Perinatal Care through Team Approached Medicine
  • (SME) Verification Survey with the Private Sector for Disseminating Japanese Technologies for Introducing Actocardiograph and Central Monitor System for Improving Prenatal Care in Mongolia

Improving the quality of basic social services

Promoting social participation and inclusion of people with disabilities

  • (TCP) Project for Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities


  • (DCS) Data Collection Survey on Tax Administration based on Big Data/AI
  • (DCS) Data Collection Survey on promotion of an Inclusive and Safe Digital economy
  • (DCS) Data Collection Survey on business development of Japan Centers for supporting foreign human resources working in Japan
  • (DCS) Data Collection Survey to formulate a new support program for Social Protection Sector in post-COVID-19


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