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Activities in the Philippines

Technical Cooperation

3. Training Program

ii. Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Young Leaders)

Renaming of Training Program for Young Leaders to Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Young Leaders)

‘JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP)' as a New Start

In the Development Cooperation Charter which was released from the Japanese Cabinet on February 2015, it is clearly pointed out that "In its development cooperation, Japan has maintained the spirit of jointly creating things that suit partner countries while respecting ownership, intentions and intrinsic characteristics of the country concerned based on a field-oriented approach through dialogue and collaboration. It has also maintained the approach of building reciprocal relationships with developing countries in which both sides learn from each other and grow and develop together." We believe that this ‘Knowledge Co-Creation Program' will serve as a center of mutual learning process.

From JFY 2007, JICA has been implementing the "Training Program for Young Leaders", a technical cooperation program aimed at promoting human resources development and nation-building in developing countries.

Under the program, groups of young leaders, who will eventually become nation-builders in the future, are invited to enhance their specialties by experiencing and learning technologies and skills in Japan.

The program was an enhancement of the Youth Invitation Program (formerly the ASEAN-Japan Friendship Program for the 21st Century), which began in 1984 for six ASEAN countries, and which has since expanded to cover approximately 120 countries. For more than 20 years, the program has served as a significant venue for cultural exchange and for the promotion of friendship and mutual trust between Japan and the ASEAN countries.

JICA is implementing the program with the view of contributing to more sustainable capacity development for young leaders through greater emphasis on specialized technical training in various fields.

There will be 2 different groups for JFY 2024.

Renewable Energy (A) GI Brochure (PDF/0.99MB)
Qualifications (PDF/84KB)
Requirements (PDF/144KB)
July 09-25, 2024 13 TOHOKU May 03, 2024
Environmental Management
(Water Environment Conservation) A

Qualifications for KCCP-Young Leaders (YL)

  1. Filipino citizens who are working in any of the following (depending on the course):
    • government offices (national and local offices, government owned and controlled corporations, etc.)
    • duly recognized non-profit organizations (research and extension offices, etc.)
    • development organizations
  2. Twenty (20) to thirty five (35) years of age at the time of the training
  3. Directly engaged in the related category/field applied for
  4. Physically and mentally fit
  5. From the non-military sector
  6. Should not have, in principle, stayed or visited Japan
  7. Holder of a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel). Or any government issued ID with the following information: Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Gender. Government employees must secure Official Passport upon acceptance, for YL courses with Japan Program only.
  8. Preferably has been employed for at least two years of service in permanent status in the nominating office
  9. No pending application for scholarship under another study program or for migration/emigration
  10. Check the General Information of the course for specific target agency/participants and other details

Young Leaders Application Form and Requirements to be submitted by the Applicants Aside from those Listed in the GI

  1. Nomination Letter signed by the Department Secretary/Head of Agency (following the nomination protocols of your agency), addressed to:
      Chief Representative
      JICA Philippines Office
      40th Floor, Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza
      6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
  2. YL Application Form with 2×2 in. photo in white background. (Handwritten will not be accepted).
  3. Additional Required Data Form (Handwritten will not be accepted).
  4. Inception Report (Handwritten will not be accepted).
  5. Recommendation from immediate supervisor to assess applicant's performance at work and to certify their proper qualifications in participating in the program. The letter should be addressed to Mr. SAKAMOTO Takema, Chief Representative of JICA Philippine Office.
  6. Young Leader's Certification signed by an authorized signatory/officer of the nominating organization (e.g. Human Resource Officer/Training Officer/Supervisor/Head of Office)
    • Young Leaders Certification (Word/18.6KB) on:
      - employment
      - no administrative or criminal case
      - no pending nomination to other local and foreign scholarship/s
      - no pending service obligation/s from previous training/scholarship/s
      - PES rating of at least Very Satisfactory for 2 consecutive semesters
      - non-withdrawal without justifiable reason and without prior notice
    • The applicant should use the downloadable Young Leaders Certification Form
  7. Official Service Record of the applicant from the nomination organization
  8. Photocopy of Passport valid at least 6 months from the date of travel. If expired, any valid government ID containing the name, date of birth, nationality, and gender of the applicant.
    • Note that government employees must secure Official Passport upon acceptance to the Program.
  9. A one-page "As a young leader, what can I do to help my country?" Essay (1 page, A4 size, 1.0 spacing, Arial 11).

Additional Requirements for courses with Japan Program

  1. Certificate of Health from physician stating that the nominee is ‘fit to travel and undergo training in Japan'.
  2. Medical/laboratory test results of CBC, ECG, X-Ray, and Pregnancy Test (for women).
  3. Valid original NBI clearance


  • False information made by the applicant in his/her application will automatically disqualify him/her from the Program.
  • For applicants from government organizations, kindly ensure that you are following proper endorsement process by contacting your central office. For some government organizations, endorsement by regional or bureau director is enough, and would be valid basis for the issuance of travel authority when accepted. Meanwhile, some organizations require that the nominee should be endorsed by the central office.
  • For applicants from local government units (LGUs), after the endorsement of the Local Chief Executive (LCE), the mandatory procedure is the issuance of the DILG Provincial and Regional endorsement (by the DILG Provincial and Regional Director) of a potential participant/nominee to the DILG CLGSC-LGA office for proper assessment, evaluation and endorsement. Kindly inform the Local Government Academy (LGA) about your application for proper guidance.
    Contact Person: Mr. Albert S. Ual, DILG-CLGS Secretariat/Scholarship Coordinator
    Contact numbers: +63-02-8634-1912 or 0917-4510963

Kindly submit the accomplished form and other requirements not later than 5pm on the prescribed deadline to:

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
40th Floor, Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Telephone no.: 8889-7119 local 143
Email Address: jicapp_tps@jica.go.jp

Schedule for JFY 2024

1) Submission of Application Documents MAY 03, 2024 TBA
2) Acceptance Notice MAY 23, 2024 TBA
3) Online/ On-demand Program N/A TBA
4) Preparation of Travel Documents MAY 24 - JULY 01, 2024 TBA
5) Send-Off Ceremony JULY 08, 2024 TBA
6) Program in Japan JULY 09 – 25, 2024 TBA


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