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Assistance Schemes

Follow - up Cooperation

JICA provides follow-up support to (a) completed JICA-assisted projects and (b) former JICA training participants. The outline of JICA follow-up (F/U) cooperation is as follows:

A. For Completed JICA-Assisted Projects

  • F/U Survey A: A survey mission will be dispatched from Japan, and the mission verifies the validity of the requested follow-up cooperation, and determines the technical details of equipment and construction required.
  • F/U Survey B: A survey with the same scope of F/U survey A is conducted by local consultants.
  • Provision of Equipment and Materials: New equipment and / or materials, spare-parts and repair tools etc. are supplied.
  • Facility Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation of damaged facilities is conducted.

B. For Former JICA Training Participants

Equipment and materials are supplied to former JICA training participants. Applicants are also allowed to propose the conduct of a seminar or survey as a complementary component of equipment supply.


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