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About JICA-Net

JICA-Net: Expanding the Potential of Japan's Technical Cooperation

photoA typical scene at JICA-Net, an industry expert located in Japan lectures on successful Japaneses industry practice to participants from government located in Manila.

JICA-Net is a computerized network of digital communications that enables simultaneous multilateral conference and distance training. Main objective of this system is to complement JICA's on-going/past technical cooperation programs and by introducing this facility, it is expected to improve both effectiveness and efficiency in terms of time and cost conservation.

JICA-Net consists of TV conference system and distance education system (image/picture of lecturer and Power-Point presentation to be broadcast simultaneously). It connects Japan and countries worldwide via high speed ISDN and Leased Lines. The system now includes 19 sites in Japan and more than 30 countries around the world, with more being built each year.

In the Philippines, JICA-Net has two centers both located at the JICA Philippine Office in Makati City. By linking these centers with a computer network, more collaborative activities between countries can be pursued, such as: - mobilization and effective use of dispersed expertise created by national and project boundaries - expansion of opportunities for participation (by both beneficiaries of developing countries and partners in Japan) - sharing and creation of knowledge with developing countries, rather than the traditional top-down basis.

JICA-Net is being utilized by JICA as a major tool for implementing distance technical cooperation. It is available to those involved in JICA programs among others. Some of the applications of JICA-Net is as follows:

JICA-Net Application Examples

*Project-Type Technical Cooperation

  • Distance lecture for counterpart training from Japan or a third country.
  • Follow-up of completed technical cooperation programs.


  • Distance lecture from Japan as a complementary program.
  • Follow-up of completed technical cooperation programs.

*Training Course in Japan

  • Course delivery from Japan to overseas countries.
  • Distance lecture and orientation before coming to Japan.
  • Follow-up training for ex-trainees.

*Third-Country Training / In-Country Training Course

  • Distance lecture from Japan or a third country.
  • Course delivery to overseas or remote sites.
  • Follow-up meeting for ex-trainees.


  • Multinational knowledge exchange among similar projects.
  • Enriching local seminar with distance lecture and participation.
  • Holding international forum through TV conference system.

JICA-Net has an operational staff in the Philippine Satellite Center. They will facilitate request to use the JICA-Net. It is expected that JICA-Net will eventually provide multiple programs of training of counterparts in their own respective countries.

For more information on JICA-NET, visit the website:


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