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Press Release

November 15, 2019

Filipino start-ups pitch to Japanese investors

More than 10 Filipino start-ups are presenting this week to Japanese investors as part of a project Industrial Competitive Enhancement through Industrial Human Resource Development and Supply and Value Chain Development,

Said start-up companies are presenting to Japanese investors Rakuten Capital, Spiral Ventures, SBI Holdings and Filipino startup enablers.

Said activity is co-organized by QBO Innovation Hub and is part of the technical cooperation between the Board of Investments (BOI) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) that aims to strengthen the Philippines' industrial human resource and supply and value chain development. Japan is a major trading partner of the Philippines accounting for 11.8% (US$9.98 billion) of total country trade in 2018, and is a major source of investments accounting for PhP4 billion in the second quarter of 2019 alone, government data showed.

"Through our activities, we'd like to encourage academe-industry-government collaboration in the Philippines to help attract more investments and create jobs in the country as well as tap into the talent of the Filipinos that can potentially supply the needs of private companies and key industries," said JICA Senior Representative Kiyo Kawabuchi. Part of JICA and BOI technical cooperation is coming up with a model for industrial human resource and supply value chain development. Aside from the upcoming pitch event, the project is also holding other important activities such as focus group discussion that aims at enhancing industry-academe linkages, and training needs assessment that aims to bridge the skills gap between the industry and academe.

"We are glad to continue our partnership with JICA as we strengthen our industries, enhance government-academe-industry collaboration, and connect our startup ecosystem with Japan's. This pitching event is a valuable opportunity for the selected start-ups to present to foreign investors and potential partners from Japan. It would open avenues for exchange of know-how, talent, and markets between our two countries and contribute in linking our startup ecosystems," said DTI Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba.

Filipino start-ups presenting in the activity include Maria Health, Tangere, eCFulfill Inc,, PearlPay, Inc.,Washub Philippines, Mober, Xpensio Corp., Qwikwire, ISI Inc., and UPROOT.

JICA has been supporting human resource development in the Philippines for many years specifically in key industries like the automotive industry, where a number of major players are Japanese companies. In 2016, JICA and the BOI also worked together in a capacity-building project under Elaboration of Industrial Promotion Plans Using Value Chain Analysis to support the Philippines' industrial promotion strategies in automotive manufacturing.


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